What Happened to ThirdEye?

…well, a lot has happened!


Just over two years ago, ThirdEye wasn't much more than two people with a crazy idea and a passion for computer vision. When our founders Raz and Peter decided to make their idea come alive, there was both excitement and scepticism. After building the team and product,  2018 was the year we launched, and thanks to the whole team's effort, it worked!

2018 Milestones

In 2018 ThirdEye came alive! Lab tests and first client trials proved that we live up to our promises: At a fraction of the cost of common video analytics solutions, ThirdEye delivers a 9x ROI and makes staff become 3x more efficient. Throughout the course of the year the company size doubled. We are now working with two of the UK's Big Four grocers and some other big brands have already signed up for a POC and scaling wider. 

Events & Social Activities


We put ourselves out there last year! We travelled across the globe to attend events, met retailers from different industries and implemented your feedback to our product. On top of that, we tried to share some of our expertise with the local community. One of our big (emotional) highlights was being part of 13th graders' retail industry project at Ada. National College of Digital Skills and seeing students getting involved with our technology.