This is just the beginning.

Our product portfolio is under constant development, adding state-of-the-art capabilities and making existing solutions even better.

Watch this space to learn more about new product launches and how your company can benefit from ThirdEye’s versatile product range. All working from the one technology.



Scan-as-you-Go Theft

Letting customers decide on the way they do their shopping is a key element of many retailers’ core strategy. A checkout-free experience forms part of that.


ThirdEye helps realise this vision by facilitating Scan as you Go, making the new shopper experience as frictionless as possible - for shoppers and retailers.

Projected Launch

October 2019



Queue Detector

Even in a world of self-checkouts and scan-as-you-go, queues at checkout points are not always avoidable. What can be tackled is how efficiently they are handled by employees.


ThirdEye predicts when flash queues are about to occur and sends live-alerts to staff members telling them to go to the tills even before a queue has developed. Likewise, staff get notified when the queue starts dissolving, so they can get back to what they were doing before. 

Projected Launch

August 2019



Stock-out Detector

Stock-outs cost retailers 3% of their total revenue, thereby adding another element to the shrink pile. ThirdEye’s stock-out detector spots them faster and helps optimise replenishment. 

Projected Launch

November 2019


Our new tool is designer to help retailers eliminate the stock-out problem by immediately flagging up emptying shelves. Alternatively or additionally, we provide periodic reports to help avoid frequent stock-outs and optimise replenishment cycles.

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Robust Analytics
for Brick & Mortar

E-commerce analytics provide meaningful insights, superior to what physical retail has at hand. ThirdEye can provide this power to brick-and-mortar retailers, giving them the edge in knowing their customers. This is why we are committed to developing bespoke solutions for and with our clients.


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