ThirdEye installation checklist

Great to see you want to install ThirdEye. Our requirements are generally pretty flexible, but if you can send us the following, it makes installation a lot quicker, easier & cheaper:

  • Camera model 
  • Number of cameras to be analysed
  • Floor maps with camera locations
  • Camera screenshots (whenever available)
  • ~1.5 Mb bandwidth per camera stream available
  • Any devices you would like the in-store app to be used on
  • Ability to create a 7 fps and 1080p stream for ThirdEye (refer to camera manual if unsure)
  • Firewall settings (we'll walk through this together)
  • What business visualization software your data science team would like us to connect to
  • 4U server space per 12 cameras (if processing is done on-site)

Please send info to your assigned ThirdEye project manager as soon as you can!