Front End Engineer (Entry level)

We’re seeking a Front-End Engineer to help us build a simple, beautiful and intuitive user interface for our real-time alerts security product. 

Your work will be used in a realtime envionment by potentially thousands of security guards and retail staff around the country. Our current UI is functional, but very barebones, therefore you'll have the oppertunity to significantly change it and leave a lasting mark. 

Your repsonibilites will be: 

- Understand and analyse shortcoming of our current approach
- Research best frameworks to use
- Help rebuild our real-time alerts product user interface
- UI must be intuitive enough to be used by a busy employee without training
- UI must be lightweight enough to work in a time critical live environment
- Test UI in a live envirinment and suggest improvements for a v2

Find full discription and application portal here:

Business Development Executive

We’re seeking a Business Development Executive, not to just focus on pure sales alone, but to help us shape our strategic direction and grow this company.

This is an exciting role for an intelligent, driven, self-motivated problem solver who has a track record of delivery. The opportunity that you have to drive our business forward in leaps and bounds is unparalleled!

You will be responsible for:

- Prospecting and qualifying for new clients to build an extensive sales pipeline
- Preparing detailed business cases to help customers understand the benefits (and limitations) of working with us
- Negotiating and closing new business
- Informing, iterating and challenging our strategy based on customer feedback and your knowledge
- Help optimise our sales process and lay the groundwork for a future sales and marketing team

Find full description and application portal here: