Enter the Campus London ping-pong tournament

The team at ThirdEye, a Seedcamp and Campus startup, is hosting a doubles ping-pong tournament open to everyone in the building! All skill levels are welcome. The tournament will be held in 2 stages: the Qualification Round (on Thursday, 22 June) and the Final Round for the winners of the Qualification Round (on Friday, 23 June). Sign up to compete with a partner or be matched with someone from the Campus community at random. 

This is a great chance to have some fun and meet other Campus London members. Space is limited, so sign up below!


dates & Location

Note: for the Qualification Round, you only attend your allocated 15 min slot, for the Final Round, you attend until you're knocked out (max. 4 slots of 15 mins spread over 1.5 hours)

Qualification Round: Thursday 22nd June @3-5pm (or until 5pm if there is demand)

Final Round: Friday 23rd June @4-5:30pm

Location: Terrace outside the cafe if dry, ground floor main event space if raining

Are there prizes?

YES - winners will get limited edition campus swag and bragging rights as the Campus London Ping-pong champions. 

do i need to bring a buddy?

NO - pick a random partner from the Doodle sign-up! If you wish you sign-up as a couple, you must sign up together. 


There will not be any referees or scorekeepers, the tournament is self-running. This means we ask you to:

  • Keep on time! Any delays will compound over the day, making everyone late. 
  • Please remember to record your own score - a scoresheet will be provided on the day for you to fill out
  • Remember to leave the bat and ball on the table for the next team

Please complete the form below

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