20 - 50% of store profits are lost to theft.
ThirdEye reduces this by detecting thefts on camera in real-time.


Shop floor theft

Our state-of-the-art behaviour and object recognition technology detects fraudulent behaviour on the shopfloor in real-time. A live-alert is sent to colleagues' smartphone/tablet whenever the software detects a potential shoplifter. Employees get to decide whether the event is relevant, thereby helping the AI-assistant to become smarter and learn for similar events in future. At the same time, employees save time on investigations. 

POint-of-sale (pos) theft

20% of shrink occurs at the POS. ThirdEye can analyse every scan at mainbank and self-checkouts to detect fake and fraudulent scans, scan avoidance, and fraudulent refunds. We were 5 times more accurate at detecting till theft than the human based control for a previous client.