Understand the customer experience and reduce the cost of doing business

The emergence of new technologies, specialised store formats and budget retailers has led to a change in consumer behaviour. Retailers need to adapt to these changes. They are striving to discover new ways to keep up with the data-driven flexibility of e-commerce. At the moment, retailers spend vast amounts of money on merchandising and programmes like mystery shopping all of which lack visual information and don’t provide any actionable insight.

Analytics have turned out to be a powerful tool to improve the in-store customer journey stimulating a new wave of processing data from the tools that are readily available in a store - cameras. Yet, most solutions on the market don’t allow for in-depth customer analysis on the individual product level. This is where ThirdEye comes into play:

By pointing out the exact items customers are looking at and interacting with, we are able to deliver the visual data retailers need to increase sales, understand the customer experience and reduce the cost of doing business.