Checkout Theft

9x ROI

In-Aisle Theft

3x Better Than A Human

Consumer Analytics

20x Cheaper

2018 was our year of proving what we are capable of. ThirdEye’s Checkout Theft Detector has managed to catch an average of 27 thefts per camera per month. Knowing that each theft is around £10 this results in a 9x ROI compared to using existing solutions.

Similarly, ThirdEye’s In-Aisle Theft Detector prevented 3x more theft than a security guard monitoring the store alone by sending them a real-time notification the moment suspicious behaviour occurs thus allowing guards to act instantly.

Not only do we help our clients make their store staff more productive, we even let them monitor our own performance: real-time dashboards of aggregate data collected by using our app show how many incidents ThirdEye has flagged up and even if they have found to be useful by your staff.

Last but not least - we hold up to our promise to deliver the most value for your money. ThirdEye is one product that can be used across all your stores, devices and deploying all solutions including security, analytics and operations. Due to not charging a minimum trial fee and integrating with existing hardware and software, ThirdEye is around 20x cheaper to implement.