NOthing on the market is as powerful, easy to set up and versatile as thirdeye.

REal time outputs

ThirdEye is not about giving mildly useful and retroactive data. We give real actionable insight and in real time. This means for example, we don't just tell you on average where your thefts might have occurred, we actually let you know a theft has been spotted in real time as it occurs. 

use existing cctv

With ThirdEye there is no need to tag your stock, buy specialist camera equipment or have robots running around your store. You can try most ofThirdEye's features on your existing camera infrastructure and all we need to provide is a single local computing unit. 

Versatile features

Instead of having a patchwork of technology for each painpoint, ThirdEye provides a single product that covers a huge range of painpoints. ThirdEye is also futureproof to new trends. For example, if checkout-less stores take off, ThirdEye's can be used to enable that in your store